Become The Leader That Everyone Gives Their Best For - A Keynote From Hon Professor Chris Roebuck, Leader Of 35 Years In Military, Business and Government.

Unblock Limiting Beliefs. Unlock Organisational Benefits. Unleash Your Potential.

Get a proven road map

Get a proven road map

Elevate Your Career

Elevate Your Career

Grow The Business

Grow Your Business

Is Great Leadership Critical To Your Organisation's Success?


  • Would you like inspiring leaders who deliver critical objectives?

  • Do you want 30% more productivity from your team for free?

  • Would you like at least an extra 10% on the bottom line for free?


  • Do you want to be the person that everyone gives their best?

  • Do you want to deliver success for your team and your organisation?

  • Do you want to accelerate your career by developing your potential?

Get a proven road map

Over 5000 Leaders Given Tools For Success

Elevate Your Career

From Over 100 Countries Around The World

Grow The Business

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Grow The Business

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Chris Roebuck Keynotes Work For:

  • Large Corporates

  • Professional Groups

  • Functional Teams

  • Medium Sized Companies

  • B2B

  • Public Sector

  • Small Enterprises

  • B2C

  • MBA & Business Students

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Why Chris Roebuck?

  • 35 years as a Leader in the military, business and public sector

  • 10 years as Hon Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School London

  • Global Head of Talent & Leadership at UBS

  • Head of Partnership & Change at London Underground

What Makes Chris Roebuck Keynotes Different?

After working with leaders from organisations over the world, I have discovered a proven way to make you the leader that everyone gives their best for. It can be implemented quickly and easily, by unleashing the knowledge you already have.

The underlying principles were initially developed in the creation of a new global bank, UBS. This transformation is now a Harvard Case study. They were then honed to a set of just 3 steps any leader, anywhere, in any organisation can implement to be more successful.

This has been delivered to small groups of top leaders to audiences of over 1000.

It has helped over 5000 leaders unleash their potential; from investment bankers to clinicians, finance directors to HR teams, retail in USA to the UAE Prime Minsters Office, and from leaders of the Chinese Space Programme to the Red Cross.

By attending my talks and implementing my ideas, your current and future leaders can:

  • Unblock their limiting beliefs that are holding them back

  • Unlock organisational performance

  • Unleash their potential to deliver success

  • Be the Leader that everyone gives their best for

  • Focus that best onto critical drivers of organisational success

  • Achieve this quickly simply and easily at no cost

Talks Given and Some Clients Worked With

Chris Roebuck Clients - London Underground
Chris Roebuck Clients - Goldman Sachs
Chris Roebuck Clients - Grant Thornton
Chris Roebuck Clients - NHS
Chris Roebuck Clients - HSBC
Chris Roebuck Clients - Tata Communications
Chris Roebuck Clients - UAE Prime Minister's Office
Chris Roebuck Clients - UBS

Why Book A Keynote Or Masterclass?

  • Proven action plan to create better leaders

  • Improve your team productivity

  • Add 10% profits to your bottom line

  • Have an effective plan delivered up to and over 1000 people at a time

  • Improve customer service, innovation and change through better leadership

  • Improve talent retention through transformational leadership

Keynote Types - What's Best For You?

For Groups

  • Highly tailored to group objectives

  • Keynotes – a 1 hour insightful overview of critical success factors with action to implement

  • Masterclasses – longer interactive in depth analysis of personal and organisational actions for success

Chris Roebuck Keynote Types - Groups
Chris Roebuck Keynote Types - Individuals

For Individuals

  • One to one executive coaching – regular meetings to guide your individual journey to unleash your potential for success

  • Joining a public Masterclass – attend a Masterclass made up of a small group of leaders from different organisations.

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