Creating an environment for disruptive thinking

I was asked to speak on “Creating an environment for disruptive thinking” for 300 senior retail leaders from Romania. The retail world is traditionally fast moving and combined with the dynamic change in what consumers, employees and other stakeholders want post covid an environment where everyone is able to develop and leverage new ideas and ways of working to deliver what the customer want is critical to success. Great hosts in Progressive :

Retail conferences often discuss the process of disruptive thinking but rarely how to create an environment where it happens and flourishes. The best disruptive ideas in the world won’t work in the wrong environment – look at Kodak ! Their disruptors invented the digital camera in 1975 but never did anything with it. One of those disruptors left and joined Apple who did develop it, and the rest, for both Apple and Kodak is history !

First visit to Romania, beautiful and just down road from Draculas Castle !

Business lessons leaders can learn from the pandemic

November 15, 2021


November 02, 2021