UBS – Case Study – People, partnership, possibility

The creation of UBS as a new global bank in 2002 – 2005 has been quoted by Chris and some of his guests on “Perspectives from the Top” as a road map to deliver success in organisations in particular in relation to creating an environment where people give their best and focus that onto what delivers success. This enabled the bank to deliver significant high than peer performance and win numerous awards, including Best Company for Leaders. For those interested in learning more about how this was delivered two documents give significant insights :

1. UBS – THE PEOPLE JOURNEY TO MAKE POSSIBILITY REALITY – My overview as Global Head of Leadership of what we did to make the overall strategy work to deliver the results it did. From identifying talent, to entrepreneurial leadership, vision and inspiration events for top 500 leaders to creation of a new global performance management system online. View

2. UBS – TOWARDS THE INTEGRATED FIRM – this is the Harvard Case Study which looks at the overall strategy of the project, the financial details and an overview of other key elements – View – note as this is a Harvard Case Study you will have to pay for a copy.

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