Lost integrity is lost leadership

The Sue Gray report on the lockdown parties held at Downing Street said there were “failures of leadership and judgment in No 10 and the Cabinet Office” for which “the senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility”. There are some failures that leaders can get away with, there are others that destroy their reputation as a leader as Boris Johnson found this week in a confidence vote of his MPs. Lack of integrity, hypocrisy and a strained relationship with the truth are probably the worst as suggested by some of his own MPs and in the report. He managed to get all three achieved in a week, but as he is in politics he might just get away with it, even if he does in the eye of history his reputation is forever tarnished. My perspectives on the leadership issues here. For full panel discussion on TRT Newsmakers: View

Main image note : Boris Johnson drinking hours after he promised to not drink until Brexit was completed.

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May 04, 2022