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Current Employee Engagement & Leadership Challenges

Current Employee Engagement and Leadership Challenges

The simple questions are:

What are we getting wrong about the Great Resignation?

Often thinking that the symptoms are the cause. Then no matter what actions you take the underlying cause never gets addressed. As the video sets out its mostly higher expectations employee have of leaders post Covid not being met linked to organisations enabling leaders to meet those needs, eg on hybrid working..

How to combat the Great Resignation?

Better leadership and more effective meeting of employees needs by organisations to support this.

How can we retain employees during the Great Resignation?

Create an environment that they don’t want to leave – and to discover what that might be ask them!

What is interesting is that just before the Gallup data was released my old friend Marshall Goldsmith, top global executive coach and leadership expert, and I discussed this jump in expectations of leaders driven by Covid. Gallup quantified what we had both seen in numerous organisations. Clearly there is a problem that needs to be addressed, a challenge to be beaten. Here are some resources to help:

Full data from Gallup

Employee Engagement / Leadership Development Speaking

Articles on Leadership Development / Employee Engagement / post Covid world of work

Podcast with Marshall Goldsmith discussing this and other current challenges

Chris Roebuck ⁠— Keynote speaker on high performance, leadership and transformation

Chris Roebuck ⁠— Keynote speaker on high performance, leadership and transformation

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