“Lead to Succeed”

(2014 – 263 PAGES)

“Lead to Succeed” shows both organisations and individual leaders how they can be successful via 3 simple steps : Firm Foundation, Get the Best, Focus onto delivering success. The book sets out a clear roadmap for individual leaders to achieve this via their people and for organisations to achieve this everywhere by enabling all leaders to be more successful. Its based on Chris wide experience and over 260 studies from around the globe.

Feedback has been great:

Marshall Goldsmith – leading global coach and speaker: “A wonderful guide for leaders at all levels. Buy it. Read it. Do it.”

Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology: “This book is a breakthrough in thinking about leadership in organisations and how to make it effective.”

Danny Khursigara, COO, Royal Bank of Scotland, Asia: “Lead to Succeed is an inspiring “must read” success manual for corporate leaders. Simple, practical and transformational.”

Gerald Walker, CEO Americas, ING Bank: Crammed with real life examples and practical advice Chris delivers a masterful guidebook on leadership in a 21st century context. Accessible and applicable – pick it up and learn from his vast experience.”

You can read a special updated version “Lead to Succeed” here which includes additional insights and a new chapter. This is only available here and will be published chapter by chapter. When published each chapter will be available for download. See above.

The original edition is available for download in PDF on this link.

You can try out the books “Best Boss” self assessment to gain insight into potential improvements to your leadership capability here.

“Strategic Leadership Development”

(2017 – 360 pages)

“Strategic Leadership Development” is a ground breaking book co-authored with Professor Colin Carnal, Head of Executive Education at Cass Business School London. It is the first book published to take an in depth analytical focus on Strategic Leadership – what it is, why it’s critical and how to develop it..

What is strategic leadership and how can it be the key to organisational success?

Strategic Leadership Development addresses the key issues of how organisations build senior leadership capability. Focusing on the behavioural aspects of leadership, it looks at how both individuals and organisations can develop leadership talent, and how leaders can influence and shape the strategic direction of an organisation as a whole.

Key features:

  • Combines academic rigour with real-world best practice
  • Identifies how leaders manage strategic objectives, strategic alignment, strategy and risk
  • A range of international case studies and examples help you to develop personal and practical leadership skills

This book is the ideal companion for undergraduate and postgraduate leadership students, as well as senior practitioners, researchers and scholars in the field.

“Effective Leadership”

(2001 – 96 pages )

“Effective Leadership” is a short, simple, practical guide to critical leadership skills.

Its simplicity and practicality resulted in it being translated into 13 languages and published by the American Management Association as one of their own branded guides to best practice. Globally it sold over 40,000 copies.

Chris has subsequently developed a 7 minute exercise which can potentially deliver an extra 30% effort from up to 60% of people for his speaking audiences.

Other editions examples:

“Effective Delegation”

(1999 – 96 pages)

“Effective Delegation” is a short, simple, practical guide to critical delegation skills.

Evidence suggests that under 30% of leaders in most organisations have been developed so they can delegate effectively, the critical skill they have to action every day.

This book quickly shows them how they can quickly and simply save potentially a working day a week by more effective delegation. This book was translated into multiple languages and published by the American Management Association as one of their own branded guides to best practice.

Chris has subsequently developed a 5 minute exercise which can deliver and average ½ working day a week saving for his speaking audiences.

Other edition examples:

“Effective Communication”

(2000 – 96 pages)

“Effective Communication” is a short, simple, practical guide to critical communication skills. When we look at the majority of problems people, leaders and organisations face there is a communication issue at the heart of it. It could be incorrect, unclear, expressed poorly, misunderstood, badly received and many other possibilities. Chris shows how to make the message, clear, simple and positioned in a way that engages those who need to take action based on it.

This book was translated into multiple languages and published by the American Management Association as one of their own branded guides to best practice.

Other editions examples:

Why Book Chris


Inspiring people to be the best

Leaders are often frustrated by problems that hinder smooth delivery and real success. Chris shows how they have the potential within themselves by using his explosive leadership system to unleash their full success.


Best of leading edge thinking

Chris unique systematic explosive leadership approach combines 30 years of business, military and Government leadership with case studies, psychology, neuroscience, branding and other areas into a catalyst to enable success.


Tailored precisely to your needs

Chris will offer a pre booking call to discuss your objectives, challenges, visions, values and key messages so his keynote truly resonates and integrates seamlessly with your whole event, providing relevant testimonials and video clips. He will always respond to you in under 24 hours.


It works

Over 30 years Chris approach to enabling leadership and organisational success has worked in organisations small and large, across sectors and cultures and in now featured in a Harvard case study. 


Going the extra mile

Having run events and engaged top speakers in corporate roles Chris knows the challenges you face. He is dedicated to your success; he’ll support you with planning, he’ll always arrive 24 hours before speaking and he won’t leave until he’s spent as much time with your audience as you want.

action focused

Immediate action & impact

The only measure of success for Chris is that the audience leaves inspired with an action to take immediately to start their journey to success….. and do it.


  • 21,287 leaders inspired to take action
  • Delivered 214 impactful keynotes
    in 28 countries
    to 186 organisations
  • Podcasts listened to by 48,752 people
  • Over 350 TV interviews, including BBC, CNN and CNBC; giving insight on business and leadership issues

Webinar Option

Leadership reinvented – keep developing your leaders no matter what

Chris has experience delivering his inspirational and impactful keynote via webinars, showing audiences how they can be more successful. These can be either direct to a group in one venue, or to multiple individuals globally, to their own device, via digital platforms.

Chris puts in the same effort to ensure the success of your webinar as with any face to face keynote he delivers.

Keynote feedback

Dematic Leadership Conference
BD Pharma Leadership Conference
Knauf Leadership Conference

You were an inspirational highlight at The World Retail Congress this year. It was so wonderful to hear you speak.



Sometimes our events work really well – the perfect mix of content, speaker and audience. Last night was one of those nights – you smashed it! Thanks.



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