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Maximise employee engagement

Beat the Great Resignation

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Optimise hybrid working

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Employee engagement

Beat the Great Resignation

Prevent Quiet Quitting

Optimise hybrid working

Entrepreneurial leadership

Chris Roebuck, Leadership and Employee Engagement Speaker
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let's work together

For me, every speaking engagement is a partnership

I understand what it’s like to run an event because, although I’m a keynote speaker now, I have also been a corporate event organiser and have worked with speakers myself. 

  • I understand that you want a keynote speaker who will understand and who can respond to the challenges and pain points your organisation and your audience are facing.
  • I know the role that a great event can play in making change across your organisation and with your clients.
  • I also know that you want a speaker who will inspire, empower and educate your audience. Someone who can speak from experience and who can share ideas that work and strategies that can be implemented immediately.
  • And I know that you need someone who can empathise with your audience. Someone who they can relate to and who can make them think. Someone who can go beyond motivation and get them to take action.

Let me know what I can do to help make this one of your best events ever.

“It isn’t easy and that’s why I always strive to be prompt and responsive and to make your job as effortless and stress-free as possible.”

I'm here to Help

I will work with you and your team to make sure my topic fits your event and audience.

I will deliver a presentation that has been precisely tailored to meet all of your requirements.

I will connect with and engage with your attendees before and after my performance onstage.

In the event that you require on-site audio and video interviews, I will be available at your convenience.

If you're running a public event, I'll tell my followers and network about it, the sessions you've arranged, and the speakers. I will do this on LinkedIn and Twitter and in my email newsletter.

If you are running an internal event for your executive team, I can create a video teaser to get people fired up. You can use this in whatever way you want.

I can also write an article for your internal comms team or do an interview for distribution via your LMS. Just let me know how I can help and what kind of content you need.


Here you’ll find images, Chris’s biography, AV requirements and book covers. These downloadable PDFs and high-quality images are available for your use as you plan and promote Chris’s participation in your event.

If we don’t have something you’re looking for, please email us at

Enquire about working with Chris

Whether it’s a keynote for your organisation’s leaders, executive coaching or team development for yourself, working with Chris and his team is simple, straightforward and practical.