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Perspectives from the Top is a 1 year leadership insights podcast interview programme to help any leader or potential leader gain deeper insights into successful leadership to enable them develop their skills and be more successful.

Chris Roebuck, Leadership Speaker

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From Civil Service to Cyber Security

Ciaran founded the UK’s world-leading National Cyber Security Centre and headed it for the first four years of its existence. The International Telecommunications Union now ranks the UK as the #1 country for cybersecurity because of the NCSC’s work. Ciaran is also a 23-year veteran of the UK Government, working directly with five Prime Ministers having held senior positions at HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office as well as GCHQ.

In 2020 he was appointed CB, a senior recognition award, by Her Majesty The Queen and has received a range of awards domestically and internationally in recognition of his cybersecurity work. Ciaran is Professor of Practice in the Management of Public Organisations at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, advises several private sector organisations on cybersecurity strategies and is one of the leading global authorities in the field of cyber security.

About Perspectives from the Top

Guests include current and former global CEOs, top public service leaders, from mass transit to cyber security, Nobel Prize winners, Prime Ministers, global investors, entrepreneurs & founders, senior military officers, leading media figures, athletes and world record holders, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Archbishop of Canterbury amongst others.

Perspectives has listeners in over 60 countries and is highly ranked, being in the top 20 podcasts for career development in countries as diverse as UK, Oman, Italy, Switzerland and India. It is also being used by 2 global MBA programmes to help students via “background listening” and classroom discussion. Some in C suite have not only used it as a personal resource but also a means for all leaders in their organisation to listen and develop common ideas for action. The Perspectives website is “Perspectives from the Top.”

These are the guests who have already joined the Perspectives team to date, more are joining all the time. Some are live already and some will be in due course. There is a guest every 2 weeks and my short summary “Reflections” on the previous guests insights the week after.

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Diversity, Respect and Lifelong Learning

Stephen started his career in UK Governments Overseas Trade Dept, moving to McKinsey before joining HSBC. Here Stephen worked across the world for the bank in different roles becoming CEO of the Investment Bank, then Group CEO in 2003 finally Chairman of HSBC Group in 2006, by then one of the biggest banks in the world with over 240,000 employees in over 100 countries.

In 2010 he then joined UK Government as a Trade Minister serving until 2013 and is now Chairman of UKs national Natural History Museum and sits in the Upper House of the UK Parliament, the House of Lords. Stephen is also an ordained minister in the Anglican Church and an author.

Authenticity – Powering Brands and Leadership

Emily began her career in Procter & Gamble, then in Apple, where she led Retail Marketing across APAC, as the brand entered China before becoming Chief Commercial Officer InterContinental Hotels Group, Greater China, where she was responsible for all commercial functions across 320+ hotels, six hotel brands, three loyalty programs, and a Sales & Marketing team of 5,200. Emily then became Chief Marketing Officer for Starbucks China, where she led customer engagement and the digital ecosystem.

She is now CEO of McCann Worldwide, the Marketing Agency, for China leading a team of 400 launching McCanns new China presence. But Emily also found time to write an great book – “The Spare Room” – which looks at how we optimise our social legacy by identifying what we offer in resources, experience and capability and what inspires us. Its woven around Emilys own legacy of caring for 17 disadvantaged children in her spare room over 22 years, as well as stories of others in different stories of others in different walks of life.

Leadership Conversations – Unleashing Possibilities

Jamie gives listeners some great insights and ideas for action based on his varied career in large corporates such as Prudential, UBS but also leading a start up 1-800-Doctors before becoming CEO of Advisor Group, US largest group of independent financial advisors supporting over 11,000 businesses across USA.

A combination of insights he gained from Prudential, his work on the Group Managing Board during the creation of UBS, now a Harvard Case Study, and those from leading a start up have enabled him to take Advisor Group to new levels of success such that he was voted CEO of the Year for 2021 in the Wealth Managements industry large organisation category.

Entrepreneurs — From Failure to Success

Lak is a corporate entrepreneur leveraging industry change & disruption opportunities, at Cisco Systems he enabled acquisitions in excess of $4.5bn then moving to Hewlett Packard to lead their Pathfinder organisation, bringing together innovation strategy, venture investments, acquisitions and partnerships.

Lak now heads Siemens Next47 corporate venturing unit, funding intrapreneurs across Siemens and is recognised as being one of the top 30 Global Corporate Venturing leaders globally. He is also an author with a book on corporate failures which should never have happened – Anticipate Failure.

Inclusive, Entrepreneurial, Inspired

Peter became CEO of UBS by age of 44, where the transformation he led to create a new global bank is now a Harvard Case Study. He also worked for McKinsey, and is now supporting developing nations entrepreneurs through his Elea Foundation, was on the Board of Partners Holding Group, one of the largest global Private Equity investors, is on the board of Sygnum Bank the first digital asset bank, Honorary Chairman of IMD Business School having been Chairman for many years, Vice Chairman Zurich Opera.

He is also author of “Inclusive Leadership” and “Elea – A learning journey towards sustainable impact.” Beating poverty via entrepreneurial impact.

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