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Accelerating Your Success - Optimising Human Leadership an an AI World.

High Performance, Transformation & Leadership Speaker

High performance task delivery

Maximise Employee engagement

Beat the Great Resignation & Quiet Quitting

Optimise hybrid working

Entrepreneurial leadership

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Audiences consistently say hearing Chris is the first time leadership really resonated and gave them practical actions to immediately Accelerate Success to better deliver their key objectives.

Chris Inspires, Interacts, Impacts to Accelerate Your Success

Chris has helped leaders around the world, across many sectors and cultures be more successful via Accelerating Success despite the uncertainty we face, from events to growth of AI. 

His unique 3 Step Accelerated Success system creates certainty to not only get the best from people, but also enable slick task delivery and alignment of that best onto your key event & strategic objectives. All three are needed to Accelerate and optimise your success. 

Leaders take away a powerful road map for success which can put them in the top 20% of leadership performance against peers in other organisations and get them ½ a working day a week more time, potentially 30% more effort from 60% of people and put 10%+ on bottom line for free.

Over his corporate career Chris developed many internal speakers and employed external speakers for events to enhance leaders performance. He’s studied the psychology and neuroscience of how speakers can deliver behavioural change and impact post events. 

Chris now uses this experience, via his Proven and Powerful 3 Step System, Accelerated Success, to interact with audiences to unleash the power of their own experience, combine with his insights, business success stories and practical neuroscience to inspire action focused on delivering key event and strategic outcomes for sustainable High Performance. 

His client feedback from across the globe proves it works. 


Maximise Employee engagement


Optimise hybrid working

Entrepreneurial leadership

Transform for the future

Recent Events

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Global DIY Virtual Summit Event – 1000+ viewers
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Offshore Safety Awards – 450+ face to face & 200 virtual
Chris Roebuck, Keynote speaker on High Performance, Leadership and Transformation
Play Video about Chris Roebuck, Keynote speaker on High Performance, Leadership and Transformation
Oman LNG Leadership Day – 100 leaders
Chris Roebuck, Keynote speaker on High Performance, Leadership and Transformation
Play Video about Chris Roebuck, Keynote speaker on High Performance, Leadership and Transformation

Oman – Nations Future Leaders – 150 leaders

A proactive event partner

Chris unique transformational events deliver action and impact

On top of insights as a leader in military, business and government, Chris roles as Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, one of ‘HR Most Influential Thinkers’ ten times in annual awards and a neuroscience accredited executive coach enable him to engage audiences in a way that empowers them to act.

His 3 steps to success approach to leadership, Accelerated Leadership, is clear and simple, inspiring people to unleash their personal potential to be Optimal Performers,  aligning action to critical organisational goals. This has helped over 21,000 leaders from over 200 organisations in 28 countries deliver action.

Chris’ interweaving of those goals with the audience’s personal desire for growth and success is reinforced by hard data, success stories and neuroscience to present a compelling case for their immediate action, delivering a return on investment for themselves, their teams and organisations.


The power of emotion

Within everyone’s career are inspiring times when they feel the emotional power of giving their best. That power and desire to give their best again still lies within their experience.

Chris interacts with audiences so everyone can recognise and reignite that power and passion within themselves to be a Peak Performer and how they can use it to inspire others to give their best and join them.


Tailored to your event

As a senior corporate leader Chris has personally employed speakers and delivered successful events so he understands your perspectives.

He will ensure with you that his content aligns with your event goals.

Chris will also interact with your audience post events to answer individual questions.


Practical takeaways

The success of an event is not just in the room but the impact afterwards.

At the end of your event Chris will give a call to action and get every individual to decide on one specific action they will take immediately to deliver impact.

He will also ensure that you can give every individual a simplified version of his content which acts as an implementation guide for the future and links to other resources.

What people say about Chris

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Unleashing the full potential of your people
Dubai, ASHRM 600 CEOs/HRDs
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Accelerated Leadership – 3 steps to Peak Performance

Madrid, CEO BD Pharma, Annual Leadership Conference

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Entrepreneurial leadership

New York, 60 senior retail leaders

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How to get 30% more effort quickly and simply

Oman HR Forum, 300 CEOs/HRDs

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10% on bottom line for free

London, 150 Investment managers

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Whether it’s a keynote for your organisation’s leaders, executive coaching or team development for yourself, working with Chris and his team is simple, straightforward and practical.