Beat the challenges that block you and your organisation’s success

Every day we go to work it’s in the hope that everything runs perfectly. But that rarely ever happens. Events blow us off track or distract us creating challenges we need to beat. I call these orgmines, organisational landmines. If ignored they get much worse. Recall the Financial Crisis, Kodaks decline, Erons scandal and tragedy of the Gulf of Mexico? Started small got ignored, blew up. 

Then there are the things that everyone knows could be done better… to serve customers, engage employees, manage risk and boost profits. But the reality is that it’s too complex and no one’s direct responsibility. Regularly these issues get pushed to the backburner and never done.

My inspiring and interactive keynotes, both remote and face to face, packed with leading edge thinking, show you how you can unleash your own hidden potential to beat these challenges and succeed, starting as soon as you leave the room. By using my unique, systematic and proven, Explosive Leadership approach, you’ll beat the odds, explode your orgmines, and ultimately win the day.

Why unique ? How many other speakers combine the insights of an economist, leader in military, business and Government, Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, 9 times HR Most Influential Thinker, neuroscience accredited executive coach, former marathon runner and windsurfing instructor? That’s why even audiences of experienced military leaders trained to the highest level ask for my insights rather than those from most other speakers.

214 impactful keynotes in 28 countries to 186 organisations

Explosive Leadership Keynote Topics

The topics below show how Explosive Leadership can be tailored to beat the challenges organizations regularly face. Chris shows audiences how they can achieve this by using a unique mix of his insights, stories, hard data, neuroscience and inspirational moments from their own lives.
(Click on each title to learn more)

+ 3 Proven Steps to Super Performance

 Delivering inspiration and success using the untapped power hidden within

+ 5 Covid Insights for Future Success

 Revealing hidden insights from Covid challenges that will power future success

+ Explode Your Orgmines – Simple Steps to Crush Your Challenges

5 simple steps to beat the challenges blocking success and risking the future

+ Neural Power Unleashed – Deliver Dynamic Change and Transformation

Riding the rollercoaster to success with the natural agility hidden in us all

+ Inspired Customer Service in 2 Simple Steps.

From mere transactions to transformed relationships

+ Minimise Your Risk in 3 Steps

Organic risk management – unleash the hidden value in employee’s hearts and minds

Why Book Chris


Inspiring people to be the best

Leaders are often frustrated by problems that hinder smooth delivery and real success. Chris shows how they have the potential within themselves by using his explosive leadership system to unleash their full success.


Best of leading edge thinking

Chris unique systematic explosive leadership approach combines 30 years of business, military and Government leadership with case studies, psychology, neuroscience, branding and other areas into a catalyst to enable success.


Tailored precisely to your needs

Chris will offer a pre booking call to discuss your objectives, challenges, visions, values and key messages so his keynote truly resonates and integrates seamlessly with your whole event, providing relevant testimonials and video clips. He will always respond to you in under 24 hours.


It works

Over 30 years Chris approach to enabling leadership and organisational success has worked in organisations small and large, across sectors and cultures and in now featured in a Harvard case study. 


Going the extra mile

Having run events and engaged top speakers in corporate roles Chris knows the challenges you face. He is dedicated to your success; he’ll support you with planning, he’ll always arrive 24 hours before speaking and he won’t leave until he’s spent as much time with your audience as you want.

action focused

Immediate action & impact

The only measure of success for Chris is that the audience leaves inspired with an action to take immediately to start their journey to success….. and do it.


  • 21,287 leaders inspired to take action
  • Delivered 214 impactful keynotes
    in 28 countries
    to 186 organisations
  • Podcasts listened to by 48,752 people
  • Over 350 TV interviews, including BBC, CNN and CNBC; giving insight on business and leadership issues

Webinar Option

Leadership reinvented – keep developing your leaders no matter what

Chris has experience delivering his inspirational and impactful keynote via webinars, showing audiences how they can be more successful. These can be either direct to a group in one venue, or to multiple individuals globally, to their own device, via digital platforms.

Chris puts in the same effort to ensure the success of your webinar as with any face to face keynote he delivers.

Keynote feedback

Dematic Leadership Conference
BD Pharma Leadership Conference
Knauf Leadership Conference

You were an inspirational highlight at The World Retail Congress this year. It was so wonderful to hear you speak.



Sometimes our events work really well – the perfect mix of content, speaker and audience. Last night was one of those nights – you smashed it! Thanks.



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