How Chris will help you meet your organisation and event needs

When organisations want a speaker its normally to deliver one of 3 actions – align & motivate everyone to deliver this years objectives, focus effort onto an area needing specific attention, eg customer service, or build new

Chris’ unique step by step system, Firm Foundation, Get the Best, Focus onto target, will help you start to achieve any of these immediately. Everyone will have and implement their own 3 step action plan focused on getting done what needs to be done. C suite can then easily co-ordinate these to focus organisational impact.

From delivering a new strategy, boosting employee performance and improving customer service to finding cost reductions and managing risk more effectively. He’s delivered all of these. Chris gives your people the energy and tools you focus their efforts so your event is not only successful but it then leads to real action.

Here are topics where Chris regularly builds a wave of energy to get done what needs to be done from the 3 areas for action:

1. Action to achieve next year’s critical objectives & strategy

Challenge: To focus everyone on next years key deliverables and how to ensure they are achieved.

Keynote Transformation: Interweaving and clarity on forthcoming strategic deliverables with inspiring individual leadership improvement and a 3 step action plan to implement immediately at personal, team and organisational level aligned to CEOs plan.

Case Study: BD Pharmaceutical System – 120 top global leaders conference, Madrid

US-based BD Group employs 70,000 staff in 50 countries focused on healthcare. Pharmaceutical Systems develops drug delivery systems and was a market leader, but for Peter Nolan the CEO this was not enough. He wanted to go up another gear to beat the competition. Chris was asked to give the top 120 leaders the mindset and actions to start that.

2. Action to boost employee impact – from improving performance to customer focus, communications and even risk management

Challenge: To target action on a specific area identified as key to future success.

Keynote transformation: Interweave need for specific action in area, inspiring improving impact on that area and a 3 step action plan to
implement immediately aligned to CEOs strategy.

Case Study: Dematic – 150 top global leaders strategy day, Vienna

US-based Dematic is the 2nd largest logistics handling systems supplier with 6000 staff and $3.2bn turnover. To power additional growth, the CEO wanted the leadership team to be able to engage and empower all employees. Chris was asked to deliver a keynote to the top 150 leaders showing them what they could do just with 3 simple steps via “Servant Leadership”. Individual plans followed up post event.

3. Action to build a new world – restructure, merger, acquisition, new business or going up a gear post Covid

Challenge: To initiate and deliver a significant transformation in the organisation that many people may find very challenging if not frightening.

Keynote transformation: To show that aligned energy from everyone will make the new world a reality and enable everyone to build their 3 step action plan to start the journey.

Case Study: Knauf Insulation – top 150 global leaders conference, Vienna

Headquartered in US, Knauf is one of the worlds largest building products suppliers, with 250 plants in 80 countries, Indiana to Malaysia. But Knauf wanted to do more than just make the products, they wanted to get deeper into the value chain with design and fitting. But this needed more entrepreneurial leaders so they asked Chris to help via double keynote – revelation followed by detailed 3 step immediate action plans.

4. Action for multi organisational events

Challenge: Some events aren’t for one organisation where its easy to match ideas for action to specific organisational needs. With an
audience of over 1000 from 400+ different organisations how can everyone get relevant inspiration for action appropriate to them and so
make the event successful.

Keynote Transformation: By revealing the power each individual has in their own experience and how they can apply that to the situation
they are in, it enables everyone to create their own 3 step action plan that matches their specific organisation’s needs.

Case Study: Global DIY conference – 1000 delegates

About 1000 delegates from around the world attended the DIY Congress in Stockholm from a wide range of organisations – global powerhouses, eg Bosch, Bunnings, Gardena, those going global, Gorilla Glue to small entrepreneurs. Every person left with an immediate action written down they had shared with colleagues.

a successful event

Chris’ unique insights can make your event and transformation successful

As a leader in military, business and Government, Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership, 9 times HR Most Influential Thinker and neuroscience accredited executive coach, Chris’ interactive keynotes are tailored to your specific needs interweaving those with his insights, hard data, success stories and neuroscience to deliver a clear call to action and return on investment for individuals, teams and via C suite the wider organisation.

This then creates “one organisation” focused on common purpose and action to get done what needs to be done.

214 impactful keynotes in 28 countries to 186 organisations


  • 21,287 leaders inspired to take action
  • Delivered 214 impactful keynotes
     28 countries to 186 organisations
  • Podcasts listened to by 48,752 people
  • Over 350 TV interviews, including BBC, CNN and CNBC; giving insight on business and leadership issues

Why Book Chris


Inspiring people to be the best

Leaders are often frustrated by problems that hinder smooth delivery and real success. Chris shows how they have the potential within themselves by using his explosive leadership system to unleash their full success.


Best of leading edge thinking

Chris unique systematic explosive leadership approach combines 30 years of business, military and Government leadership with case studies, psychology, neuroscience, branding and other areas into a catalyst to enable success.


Tailored precisely to your needs

Chris will offer a pre booking call to discuss your objectives, challenges, visions, values and key messages so his keynote truly resonates and integrates seamlessly with your whole event, providing relevant testimonials and video clips. He will always respond to you in under 24 hours.


It works

Over 30 years Chris approach to enabling leadership and organisational success has worked in organisations small and large, across sectors and cultures and in now featured in a Harvard case study. 


Going the extra mile

Having run events and engaged top speakers in corporate roles Chris knows the challenges you face. He is dedicated to your success; he’ll support you with planning, he’ll always arrive 24 hours before speaking and he won’t leave until he’s spent as much time with your audience as you want.

action focused

Immediate action & impact

The only measure of success for Chris is that the audience leaves inspired with an action to take immediately to start their journey to success….. and do it.

Keynote feedback

Dematic Leadership Conference
BD Pharma Leadership Conference
Knauf Leadership Conference

You were an inspirational highlight at The World Retail Congress this year. It was so wonderful to hear you speak.



Sometimes our events work really well – the perfect mix of content, speaker and audience. Last night was one of those nights – you smashed it! Thanks.



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